About us

The European Smart Citizens’ Initiative (EUsmart) is an EU-funded project that is designed to offer innovative solutions for some of the major issues the European community faces today. The initiative is made up of 7 organisations from across Europe - Lithuania, The Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Italy and Hungary. Together we have the talent and the enthusiasm to solve European challenges.

There are a range of challenges facing the EU and its citizens today: improving education levels and creating jobs, meeting the growing challenges in sustainability and the economy, and finding a fair way forward in the process of integration and diversity.The only way to solve these issues is with the active participation of European citizens.

That's why EUsmart will address these issues using the hackathon format, creating solutions and making change happen.


Involve citizens in the democratic process
Foster cooperation between communities in Europe
Share knowledge about Europe issues and innovative ways to solve them


Hackathons are usually 2-day events where the final goal is to create a digital or non digital product.

Hackathons offer a fun and exciting way to bring together citizens, startups and decision-makers to voice the problems society faces every day and look for solutions. After all, a problem shared is often a problem solved. Hackathons present new solutions to the general public, helping to spread ideas and kick-start new movements!

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